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4 UFOs In A Formation Seen Over Fukushima, Japan During An Earthquake

This week and after 11 years of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused the second most important nuclear accident in history, there was a smaller scale earthquake that sounded the alarms in Japan. But this time, something strange appeared over the skies of Fukushima, one of the areas that felt the tremor.

At least this is what a Japanese viewer believes, who was attentive to the development of the news on Wednesday night (local time), when she noticed four bright lights in a shot that showed the city of Fukushima after the earthquake of 7.4 on the Richter scale. It was then that she took her cell phone and recorded what she was seeing to upload it to her Twitter account.

“UFOs for earthquake relief,” She wrote accompanying the video.

The spotted lights appear to be in a formation and barely moving, so it is unclear what they may be without further reporting or filming from other angles. Could it be something as mundane as helicopters surveying the area for example? Or maybe very terrestrial lights in the mountains that shelter the city?

Fukushima: The UFO city

However, the area is rich in sightings, to the point that in 2021 a research institute was created to study these phenomena that, according to some ufologists, have increased in the area because extraterrestrial visitors are interested in nuclear facilities.

Takeharu Mikami, director of the International UFO Lab (4th from left), and other members hold a panel with the facility’s logo at the UFO Interactive Hall in the Iinomachi district of Fukushima city on June 24, 2021. Credit: Mainichi /Isogai Mine.

Such phenomena have been recorded in Fukushima at least since the 1970s, when a luminous, cone-shaped flying object was reported near Mount Senganmori, in the city’s old Iinomachi district, causing a stir among the public.