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A Bizarre Woman Walking On The Surface Of Mars Is Spying On NASA’s Curiosity Rover (video)

Ufologists have finally something for which to be enthusiastic. Recently a strange picture of the surface of Mars has become viral. In the pictures, appears what seems to be a woman – of the spirit of a woman – standing on top of a cliff.

We are quite sure that the figure from the picture is a woman. I mean, if we look carefully we can see that the features resemble that of a woman. What we don’t know is if the woman is dead or alive, or maybe it is just a statue.

According to alien observer Scott Waring, the woman might be alive or in any case, it could also be a statue of a former – or actual – Martian dweller

However, since many things that happen on Earth exceeds our understanding, the same could be applied to other planets such as Mars. Don’t you think? Maybe Mars has its own ghosts.

Take a look at the following video for more information on the subject.