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A glowing UFO chases a plane in the weirdest footage I’ve ever seen (video)

This cannot be explained by any “known” conventional aircraft that I am aware of, nor by any “known” natural ways. Here’s a funny one for you: That’s not how the sky works!

I’ve seen something similar to this ringing ball of energy, but I can’t recall where I saw it? In any case, this video is strange from start to finish. It’s fantastic.

We have a sphere-shaped energy UFO that outruns a state-of-the-art jet! That’s the peculiar thing. I honestly think that’s a real UFO, to say the least, but not because I want it to be true. Look at it, you can’t find anything wrong with it, can you? You’ll understand what I’m talking about after seeing the video.

All of this being stated, I’m sure someone or someone somewhere else in the globe (or simply off this planet) is aware of what’s going on here. Do you understand what I’m saying? And I’d want to know if it’s one way or the other.

This UFO can be seen practically flying straight through the contrails that the aircraft is leaving in its wake in the picture below. It soon catches up to the Jet aircraft and flies right past the pilots’ seats in the cockpit.

They (the pilots) must have seen a ball of fire, a ball of energy, maybe even lightning? Then it does a full 180-degree spin around and returns to the Jet!

All of this is incredible; how can a small ball, in contrast to the Jet, travel faster? It puts on the throttle and flies very quickly through the contrails, coming up to the Jet in seconds “and it’s a little UFO.”

What kind of aircraft can be this tiny and fly so fast? I’m not aware of anything, and especially not of anything that resembles a ball of fire!

Something is obviously in charge of this in one way or another, since this doesn’t happen for no reason! This is being controlled, whether it is within the UFO or outside the planet. That’s the problem with UFOs: simply the letters give them a disconnected sense as if they’re a hollow metal ball or a disk with nothing inside!

Well, I’m here to tell you that whether it’s controlled by near or distant creatures, there’s technology at work, and it’s there for a purpose.

I’m reducing it to its most basic fundamental principle of action and reaction because we need to understand that a ball of light or a ball of fire flying, maneuvering and turning in all directions at high speeds or slowing down, requires so much known technology that, based on the size of the UFO in this video, shouldn’t be possible.

Dumbing things down to their most basic form may sometimes help us comprehend what we’re up against. Here’s an example:

This ship could not be propelled by a normal engine. Huge batteries, for example, would be required for an electric-powered ship. What would it take to power such a tiny spacecraft? What is required to carry out these maneuvers?

What energy source does not require a massive tank or storage facility? Is it possible for a tiny creature like this to achieve speeds using energy, or any other known methods of propulsion except a Lithium-Ion battery?

By thinking rationally, you may sometimes limit down your viewpoint. If you get stuck, look it up on the internet. As an example, what is the most powerful drone and how quickly does it travel? Our UFO seems to be on fire, therefore no one is going to destroy a $100K drone. Here are the results:

The drone and the procedure provide some insight into how I choose what I want to look at. It’s not a perfect or sound example, but it does help me limit down the many possibilities of what a UFO might be.

Except (I assume) for a ball of lightning or friction between the clouds, there are no phenomena that accomplish anything like this. It’s had to be some kind of atmospheric abnormality, but I’m not sure what kind. Weather anomalies are beyond my comprehension since I’ve never had the pleasure of studying them.

It’s at moments like this that I realize how difficult it is to comprehend something as basic as a weather oddity. I’ve tried all I can to figure out where this was shot and have done some internet research.

I’m guessing it was reported anonymously or that the information was lost in translation somewhere along the route. It’s still an essential component of the Ufology puzzle, in my opinion. We can’t dismiss the ones we believe seem false or implausible now that we’ve got UFO disclosure because it might be the one.

Watch the video below and please share your ideas as well as any suggestions you may have. There are no right or incorrect answers; there are only individuals who refuse to examine their position in the world, and one of the most valid questions humans have is: Are we alone in the Universe?