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American warship and nuclear submarine arrive in Scotland

Destroyer USS Arleigh Burke and submarine USS New Hampshire have arrived at Faslane near Glasgow, Scotland.

With the arrival of these vessels this morning, at least half a dozen American submarine and warship visits have happened at Faslane since the start of July.

While visits themselves are common, this frequency of visits is not. Neither is it common for visits to be publicised by the U.S. Navy or Royal Navy unlike the visit of the USS Rhode Island, a Trident-armed nuclear submarine, that arrived (and departed) in July.

The USS New Hampshire (SSN-778) is a Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarine and the first of the Virginia-class Block-II submarines to enter service. The USS Arleigh Burke, named for Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, is the lead ship of the prolific Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers. She was laid down by the Bath Iron Works company at Bath, Maine, on 6 December 1988, launched on 16 September 1989 and commissioned on 4 July 1991.

A few days ago, the USS Georgia (equipped with an underwater launch system for special forces) visited Faslane naval base. The USS Georgia is an Ohio-class submarine. Unlike Rhode Island, however, she was converted to a cruise missile submarine from a ballistic missile submarine.


The U.S. Navy said that this port visit to Faslane reflects the United States’ “commitment to our allies and partners in the region and complements the many exercises, training, operations, and other military cooperation activities conducted by Strategic Forces to ensure they are available and ready to safely and effectively operate around the globe at any time”.