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Bob Lazar: “The true alien story is hidden from the public”

A strong statement made by Bob Lazar about the US military hijacking the wreckage of crashed alien spacecraft in Roswell in 1947 appears to be true.

Everything seems to indicate that Bob Lazar was right about the US government and the Roswell incident . The recovered remains are not from Earth and belong to the crashed UFO .

In addition, they also collected the biological remains of the alien crew, of which 3 did not survive the crash. The sole survivor was taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base , where he spent 9 months before passing away.

The truth about Bob Lazar’s statements
The Roswell UFO crash is perhaps the biggest UFO cover -up in history. Over the years, however, eyewitnesses recounted what he had witnessed, all claiming that they had also seen the alien survivor .

In the Eyewitness Accounts reports on this survivor, there is a detailed account of the alien who initially walked away from the incident.

Each of the witnesses agree on the same thing; she was the size of a child of about 10 years old, about 1.40, maybe a little more.

He had no hair, his head was big , like his eyes that were shaped like tears. Her arms were slightly longer than normal and her skin was grayish and somewhat scaly .

The famous researcher and ufologist, Bob Lazar, said that remains were found during an archaeological excavation. This suggests that many of them are extremely old .

From the antediluvian era?

It is possible that the remains of flying saucers and other alien craft date back to antediluvian times . Perhaps, when the lost continent of Atlantis still existed .

The explorer Timothy Alberino assures that the answers to most of these questions are found in texts such as the Bible .

They can also be found in the ancient Book of Enoch , one of the longest-living manuscripts in history.

This mysterious text is a historical account from the antediluvian era and that records a lost civilization. The Nephilim , the ancient giants who were swept away by the Great Flood , are also described as Enoch was caught up or the famous “chariots of fire”.

These writings have been used by theorists to support the ancient astronaut or paleocontact hypothesis. Which leads us to believe that what Bob Lazar said is true.