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China Does It Again! Makes An Exact Replica Of An Apache Attack Helicopter For Pakistan, Leaving Netizens Stunned

A Chinese military observer posted an image of the Chinese forces’ new Z-10ME helicopter, which has left netizens perplexed.

According to reports, the new helicopter is a modified version of the new Z-10 attack helicopter used by the Chinese armed forces, and the image was taken from the Chinese social media site Weibo.

It should be noted that the Z-10 helicopters recently participated in a live fire exercise conducted by the armed forces and will be delivered to Pakistan in the near future.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted the exercise in the Karakoram Mountains. Furthermore, the helicopter bears striking resemblances to the Apache attack helicopter used by the Indian Air Force.

When empty, the attack helicopter Z-10 weighs about 5,100 kg and has a range of 1,120 kilometres. It has a revolver pistol with a calibre of 23 millimetres and four external hardpoints for rocket launchers, air-to-air missiles, and other weαpσns.

The helicopter can transport up to 16 anti-tank missiles, four multiple 7-barrel rocket launchers, or two multiple 32-barrel rocket launchers, with different configurations available for different missions.

The helicopters will play an important role in China’s relationship with Pakistan, as they will be sold to the latter.

In January 2022, Pakistan chose the Chinese-made Z-10ME attack helicopter over the Turkish-built T129. On January 5, Pakistani Army spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar announced the news.

When asked if the Turkish pact was still in place during a news conference, Iftikhar stated that Pakistan had moved on.

Then he stated that talks with China to purchase new Z-10ME attack helicopters were ongoing.

If the contract is approved, Pakistan will first acquire the Chinese helicopter, as it did with the J-10C.

Islamabad is expected to buy 30 helicopters, which is the same as the T129 ATAK agreement, though the exact number is unknown.