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Flashing UFOs over east coast of Canada –Nova Scotia 2022 (Video)

Flashing lights over Nova Scotia, Canada. Filmed earlier this month.

Witness report: Dad and I saw these lights flashing back and forth today (enjoy the live commentary). We didn’t notice the other flashing light to the right until watching this video. They continued to flash rapidly until eventually blinking at the same time and fading out to the left.

When I slowed the video down I noticed a p attern from left to right – red, white, white, red,… Checked flight radar – no helicopters and only one plane around. I live in a pretty rural area with not a lot of air traffic.

During the same year as the Falcon Lake sighting, people reported that the night skies over Shag Harbour were glowing with four lights that flashed off and on before cr ashing into the harbour. Eyewitnesses claimed they watched as a large, orange-glowing object sank into the water.

The RCMP, thinking a plane had crashed, organized a rescue effort, but were unable to recover an object. Divers searched the sea floor but also came up empty. Since no planes were reported missing, the case was classified as a UFO sighting. To this day, Shag Harbour holds an annual festival dedicated to the strange incident.