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Forget water on Mars: Fossilised dinosaur “found on the Red Planet”

AS NASA made its historic announcement of finding signs of water on the surface of Mars, alien hunters celebrated their own discovery amid claims these pictures shows a fossilised dinosaur in rocks on the Red Planet.

Pictures placed online, which were originally taken by the Nasa Mars Curiosity Rover, showed a strange rock formation that UFO researchers claim could be the fossilised bones of a long-dead Martian pre-historic beast.

YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible yesterday said the image was taken by the rover at the Gale Crater.

In a video, the channel said: “This appears to show the of remains of a possibly prehistoric monster.

“If we look closer we can see a large skull with a defined small bone, we can also see a large eye socket and a large curved spine.

“As we rebuild the artefact using enhancement techniques and colourisation,