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Mass evacuation of alien spaceships from Earth recorded by the International Space Station

ISS Camera Filmed Thousands Of Alien Spaceships Evacuating From The Earth In 2020

In November 2019, during a NASA live stream, the International Space Station (ISS) captured footage of three different UFOs, where a Russian cosmonaut was heard saying “it’s a ship.” According to UFO researcher and self-proclaimed extraterrestrial life expert Scott Waring, NASA is aware of the alien spacecraft flying near the ISS.

Russian astronaut on the ISS saw alien spaceships in November 2019 Source: Express

“This conversation recorded from the NASA live cam is100% proof that NASA knows about alien craft buzzing past and around the space station. When the Russian astronaut aboard the ISS said, “a ship…” The NASA ground control cut him off and said, “Copy all,” before he could finish what he was saying. She already saw it on live cam at ground control. She reacted fast, before he could talk about it too much…but he already said the most important thing he could…”a ship!” You see, even he knew it was an alien ship off the bow of the ISS. Eventually going to a red screen with no cam.

Also, did you notice the video was clear, but when the UFOs appeared…it caused a disturbance in the tech and made the video fuzzy. UFOs are known to cause electrical disturbances and to even shut down cars, trucks and watches.

So…here is 100% proof that NASA and Russia know that aliens frequently visit the space station.”

On May 18, 2020, Waring noticed that the ISS camera again captured the moment when thousands of UFOs were leaving the Earth from outer space while the ISS was between the light and dark sides of the Earth.