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Planet Serpo – The Real Story of a Top Secret Interplanetary Journey Project

Len Kasten is the author of the true-life novel “Secret Journey to Planet Serpo.” A gigantic extraterrestrial spacecraft from the Zeta Reticuli star system arrived in Las Vegas in 1965. You may have heard of this location because it is known as Area 51.

Kennedy devised “Project Crystal Knight,” a program that involved exchanging people with Serpo beings. The alien visitors were known as Ebens, and they had arrived to welcome 12 people aboard their spacecraft to their planet Serpo for a year.

The journey to Serpo necessitated flying at the speed of light and navigating wormholes utilizing antigravity spaceships. However, a pilot died unexpectedly along the way.

The crew lost track of time after 24 months on the planet and ended up remaining for three years extra. The Ebens were quite pleasant during the excursion and exchanged a lot of information. Finally, in 1978, only seven members returned to Earth.

The specifics of “Project Crystal Knight” were meticulously detailed in “The Final Report,” which is now declassified.

It is truly astounding and unfathomable that such significant events have not been more generally recognized, but maybe the narrative will now be revealed to the public.

For further information, watch these two videos.

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