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Russia will jointly build the “Spectrum-M” space observatory with China and other four countries

IT House, August 13 news According to Russiαn Satellite News Agency news this week, Larisa Lihacova, deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Russiαn Academy of Sciences, stated that he is ready to sign with China, South Korea, France and Italy to participate in the “Spectrum-M” (“Millimetron” Project) Agreement on the construction of spαce astrophysics observatory.

Lihacova said, “Currently, cooperation with China, South Korea, France and Italy at the national level is being finalized and is preparing to sign intergovernmental agreements. Based on the consensus reached in the early stage, the specific roles of each participating country will be stipulated. ”

The “Spectrum-M” spαce observatory has a 10-meter-diameter spαce telescope for receiving information in the millimeter wave and infrared bands in the wavelength range of 0.02mm-17mm .

This telescope can be used to observe the overall structure of the universe, galaxies and the core of the Milky Way, the structure and evolution of planets and galaxies, cosmic dust and spαce organic compounds, as well as data such as celestial bodies with super gravitational and electromagnetic fields.

IT Home has learned that Lihacova said that the list of cooperating countries for the “Spectrum-M” project is expected to continue to expand.

South Korea may assist in the construction of millimeter-wave band terrestrial antenna networks and broadband mixed-frequency heterodyne receivers; French, Swedish and Dutch scholars cooperate The organization and China will assist in the construction of matrix receivers ; Italy has pledged to assist in the construction of long-wave matrix spectrum analyzers.

This spαce telescope is expected to be sent into spαce by the “Angara” launch vehicle from the Eastern Spαce Launch Field in 2029.

The telescope will be transported to orbit near Lagrangian point L2, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth