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Second British carrier heading to U.S. for F-35 trials

HMS Prince of Wales will be departing from Portsmouth at noon tomorrow for another round of F-35 trials.

The warship will deploy for ‘WESTLANT22’, unsurprisingly in the West Atlantic, in order to train alongside American forces to continue F-35 trials, following in the steps of her older sister.

The vessel will also visit New York to host the Atlantic Future Forum towards the end of September.

The first F-35 jets landed on the vessel in June last year.

The aim of Westlant, say the Royal Navy, is to push both the F-35 and the carrier to their limits.

“Having gathered the data and experiences required to ‘write the manual’ for safely operating the F-35, the focus of Westlant now shifts to developing combat techniques for exploiting the fighter’s awesome capabilities in action and working as part of a carrier task group”, adding that “Westlant is an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties with one of our most important allies: the United States. Westlant allows the Royal Navy to bring together the aircraft with a whole carrier task group to deliver a truly potent force.”

HMS Prince of Wales will also be working with drones, once again, during this deployment.