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Shocked with strange UFO encounters that no one can explain

In fact, modern history records so many strange UFO encounters, so mysterious that no one can give a reasonable explanation, according to Newsweek.

Top 8 strange UFO encounters in the world 1. UFO encounter on Mount Rainier, Washington (USA) in 1947

From left to right: Pilots EJ Smith, Kenneth Arnold and Ralph E. Stevens view UFO photos.

Pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his private jet when he saw a flash of light, then an object he described as looking “like a saucer”. It was moving at incomprehensible speed along the slopes of Mount Rainier. Then he saw 8 more “discs”. The pilot then reported seeing “unidentified flying objects” (UFOs).

2. USS Nimitz encountered a UFO on November 14, 2004 in the Pacific Ocean

UFO shot from the USS Nimitz in the Pacific Ocean.

160km southwest of San Diego, fighter pilots aboard the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Nimitz encountered a strange white UFO shaped like a giant Tic Tac and traveling three times faster than the speed of the aircraft. sound level. “I don’t know what I saw. It had no wings or rotors and was faster than our F-18s,” said Lieutenant David Fravor, one of the pilots who had a chance to see the UFO Tic Tac. about the encounter. The Pentagon later acknowledged the encounter and that it did not know what the object was.

3. The 1964 UFO encounter in the desert in New Mexico

Police Sergeant Lonnie Zamora at the scene saw a UFO.

Police Sergeant Lonnie Zamora was driving down a dirt road when he saw “an egg-shaped spaceship” emerging from the end of the road. At first, Lonnie thought it was a car in need of help. However then he saw a blue flame and heard a loud howl. The object begins to rise. Five tourists later also confirmed seeing the spacecraft in flight.

4. UFO “red star” Charlie in Canada in 1975

Manitoba, Canada.

Hundreds of residents in the South Manitoba area of ​​Canada reported seeing a strange object emitting an orange-red light that rose into the sky every night for several months. The UFO was affectionately nicknamed Charlie Redstar. Charlie has inspired UFO viewing parties in fields all over Manitoba during its appearance.

5. UFO encounters in Belgium

triangle UFO.

In just about 5 months (1989–1990), up to 13,500 people claimed to have seen a low-flying, silent black triangle UFO, each with three orange headlights. This is a completely different type of UFO than previously reported. Skeptics call this event a mass hallucination. However, those who believe in the existence of UFOs say that the military radar was unusual when the black triangle UFO appeared so the UFO is believed to be real, not an illusion.

6. UFO encounter in Trans-en-Provence, France in 1981

A member of the GEIPAN investigation team learns about the incident.

Renato Nicolaï was working on his farm when he heard a strange noise. He then saw a flying saucer take off and disappear from the top of a tree, leaving scorched marks on the ground where the UFO used to be. An investigation was carried out by the special French UFO hunting team, GEIPAN. This group claims the ground where the UFO used to be has heated up more than 260 degrees Celsius.

7. UFO appeared in Melbourne, Australia, 1966

Terry Peck, a former student at Westall High School, with a drawing showing an object she once saw hovering above her school in 1966.

On April 6, 1966, about 300 students and teachers at Westall High School in Melbourne, Australia, witnessed a large silver cigar-shaped “flying saucer” hovering over the school’s oval and Grange Reserve is nearby. Around the object are at least 5 planes flying around.

In about 40 minutes, Australian air force and military trucks on trucks flooded the area and formed a security barrier around the high school and reserve.

These people told the teacher that they were confused about what they had just seen and did not believe anything. But according to Andrew Greenwood, one of the teachers at Westall High School, the Australian government may have covered up the incident and refused to tell anyone what really happened since then.

8. UFO appeared in Rendlesham Forest, UK, 1980

East Gate at RAF Woodbridge, where the UFO encounter in Rendlesham Forest begins (Image: Getty).

On December 26, 1980, the British Air Force Base Vice-Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, received reports of strange sightings near and around the RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge air bases.

A security patrol dispatched to the area consisting of Budd Stevens and Sargent Jim Penniston then saw strange, brilliant red lights shining through the trees of Rendlesham woods.

As they got closer, the two saw with their own eyes a mysterious glowing object whose motion and speed defy the laws of physics. The strange thing is that although the speed is very fast, hardly any sound is produced by the object.

As they were observing the mysterious plane, it suddenly took off at top speed, heading towards a warehouse, causing greater destruction as its bright light disturbed the animals. Wild and local farm.

After more than 40 years, retired British servicemen continue to provide conflicting details in the story of the UFO in Rendlesham Forest. There have been many alternative explanations offered, adding to both confusion and curiosity as to what really happened that day.