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The Real Reason Why America’s Enemies Still Fear M1 Abrams Tank

The U.S., China, and Russia are pretty much the three premier militaries in the world either due to technological superiority or sheer numbers and force projection capability.

None of these countries have the best equipment in all categories. The M1 is not easy to kill, even for a T-14 or Leopard 2, but it’s probably inferior to both overall. But so what?

Tank battles like those in WWII won’t happen again. They’ve gone by the wayside like dogfights.

The U.S. hands down owns the air, so that would be why Russia and China don’t bother trying to keep up with offensive aircraft. They can’t. They build really good radar and defensive missiles though out of necessity.

If they fail to knock out the USN or USAF over a battlespace, their tanks are quite frankly worthless. AC-130s and A-10s can loiter for hours and are virtually undetectable or armored like tanks themselves (respectively) and would make very short work of T-14s.

All three militaries approach war differently and will employ different tactics that suit their strengths. If I were a U.S. commander, I wouldn’t pick a fight with hundreds of Russian or Chinese tanks.

That would be idiotic. I’d try to force them to fight the way I want them to engage me and draw them out into the open so the air force can annihilate them.

The Real Reason Why Enemies Fear America’s M1 Abrams Super Tank