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This Earthly civilization is actually an alien one, and it has been around for around 103 million years

Apart from that, we’ve found a ton of evidence suggesting our forebears were far more “worldly” in nature.

This prevailing idea was attempted to be validated by the recently uploaded website “UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES” by analyzing the opinions themselves.

Is Earth’s Civilization 103 Million Years Old, and Were Aliens Involved? And it has developed into what has prompted worshippers more than ever before to come to this conclusion.

For instance, it alludes to the pyramids seen on Mars by the Curiosity Rover in its surveillance images. They resemble the ones we have seen here on Earth, which are said to have been made by the ancient Egyptians.

The purpose of this documentary is to introduce the viewer to this theory and offer several logical justifications for it.

It’s ultimately the complete reverse of what history textbooks instruct us, therefore it’s important for the spectator to get into it.

The fundamental idea of the film is that although humankind formerly existed on Mars and the Moon before returning to Earth, we never did so because of the superior environment.

The movie also touches on this shared amnesia theory. Watch the video below, then let us know what you think: