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This Man Captured A Massive UFO Flying Directly Above Lake Erie.

Two Americans, a father and son, were travelling along the Ohio shoreline of Lake Erie in December when they noticed a large object hovering above the lake. It is not by chance that an inexplicable object has appeared in the Great Lakes.

Several folktales and legends refer to these lakes as the “Cursed Triangle” of the United States because numerous ships, aircraft, and people have vanished in this region.

For instance, on June 23, 1950, Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 disappeared into thin air above Lake Michigan.

Locals, on the other hand, feel certain that there are extraterrestrial ruins in these lakes, which is not surprising considering the frequency of UFO sightings.

Let’s go back to the issue with the father and son. They said it looked like a “flying saucer” with sharp edges. It is considerably more crucial that it is reflected on the lake’s surface. Apart from that, even though it was 6 meters above, the water appeared to sparkle or swirl, as if the object had exerted some kind of force or alteration.

This is merely one of many instances that demonstrate that strange and unexplainable events occur in the Great Lakes, with some even asserting the presence of an extraterrestrial base under the surface.