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Threatened by Russian War, UK Shows off the World’s Most Advanced ‘HMS Anson’ Nuclear Submarine

London – Under threat from Russia when it invaded Ukraine. UK The world’s most advanced nuclear submarine which can be used to strike targets on land up to a distance of 1,609 (KM) has recently joined the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom’s fleet. 

UK Shows off the World’s Most Advanced ‘HMS Anson’ Nuclear Submarine

As quoted from The SUN, Friday (2/9/2022), the submarine, HMS Anson is equipped with 38 Spearfish torpedoes and Block V Tomahawk cruise missiles and is valued at £1.3 billion. It can be used to destroy enemy ships and submarines, gather intelligence and protect other British Royal Navy ships.

HMS Anson can reach speeds of over 30 knots and is 97 meters long and has room for all 98 of its crew on board the submarine. The ship’s Rolls Royce nuclear reactor means it doesn’t need to be refueled for its 25 year life.

The HMS Anson Submarine

It took about 20 million man-hours over 11 years to complete the 7,800-ton submarine. The submarine is named after Admiral George Anson, an 18th-century British Royal Navy officer who made a four-year voyage around the world and led a victory against the French at Cape Finisterre in 1747.

Previously, scientists said Britain had made sure Russia would disappear in a matter of seconds, if Russia launched a counterattack using a nuclear bomb. Today, Britain is one of the most vocal countries condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine, apart from supplying the Kyiv army with weapons to counter Moscow’s advances.

nuclear scientist from Cardiff University, Prof. Campbell Craig, meanwhile, said he couldn’t imagine what the world would be like and the repercussions if World War Three did break out. he claimed most cities in Russia, Europe, and the United States would be targeted and destroyed if a nuclear war broke out between Moscow and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).