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US has cloaked bomber jets made using alien technology, proves UFO hunter with picture

Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that the US military is in regular contact with advanced aliens in deep space, and it is helping the country to stay leaps ahead in military technology when compared to other nations. Adding up the heat to these claims, a conspiracy theorist has spotted a seemingly cloaked bomber craft in a military base.

Discovery made using Google Earth

In a recent post on his website, Waring claimed that he made this discovery using Google Earth. In the pictures shared on his website, a B-1 bomber can be seen parked in the military base, and just next to that, a plane-like structure seems to have cloaked can be spotted.

Alien Tech On USAF B-1 Bomber! Google Earth, Video, UFO Sighting News.

“I found something at Dyess AFB in Texas. It is a B1 bomber base. I use to work on B1 bombers back in Ellsworth AFB a Strategic Air Command high-security base. I found something at Dyess that I had never seen before…a single cloaked B1 bomber. If you rotate the map at a 360-degree angle, you will easily see the second B1 that is cloaked. It makes sense, you see the black paint already on the B1 is clocking technology that absorbs radar so it will not reflect a signal back and be seen, thus it is nearly invisible,” wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring also as‌sured that the B-1 bomber is making use of alien technology to develop advanced flying vessels. He added that the B-1 bomber is the most perfect aircraft ever developed by the US military.

Mysteries surrounding alien existence

Several conspiracy theorists have alleged that Area 51, the confidential military base in the Nevada desert is the place where the military tests alien technology. A few months back, a Facebook event was planned to raid Area 51, but it did not get materialized as planned.

A few months back, Waring claimed to have discovered underground bases and mysterious entrances in Area 51 using Google Earth. The conspiracy theorist also shared the coordinates where these entrances can be found. However, skeptics dismissed the alien angle, and they made it clear that underground bases in military bases are quite common.