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Wants to Compete With US, China Builds Five Type 052D Destroyers

Beijing – China is building five more 052D destroyers. The construction activities of the five ships were seen at the Dalian Shipyard. Foreign media called this move China’s ambition to make the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA) the largest in the world, the Global Times wrote. 

China Builds Five Type 052D Destroyers for Compete With US

An unverified image recently circulated on social media showing the construction activity of the five vessels in question at the Dalian Shipyard, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, Naval News reported on Sunday.

In addition to the five ships, at least one more is under construction at the Jiangnan Changxing Shipyard in Shanghai. There has been no official announcement regarding the construction of five Type 052D destroyers from Beijing.

Sightings the five Type 052D destroyers under construction by china

Prior to this, China’s shipbuilding industry had launched the manufacture of 10 destroyers in 2019 and eight more by 2021.

Although China is rapidly building its naval power, the US Navy (US Navy) so far still holds the title as the largest navy in the world. The US Navy has 11 nuclear-powered super carriers. In terms of destroyers, the US has approximately 70 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, more than China has.