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Weird Creature filmed at waterfall in Iceland

Several days ago, Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir posted a weid video on Instagram showing a small dark creature that suddenly appears and climbs over the edge of a cliff at Dettifoss waterfall in Iceland.

Shot on the cliff of Dettifoss, Iceland. Close to the capital city of elves, Ásbyrgi. No people in front of us and only a cliff so steep it could not carry anyone.

We even went too far in my taste. I then noticed much later this little creature in my video and then a head popping up in the end. No drones, no birds, no plastic bags, what is it? I Feel like this creepy video that I posted needs an answer.

Indeed very strange, I have no explanation for the strange appearance, but some people say that the creature looks like a human figure with something covering its head while others talking about a cryptid, a creature whose existence is unsubstantiated.

Vigdís did indeed captured something extraordinary or there is an explanation for the strange appearance?

You can watch the video below: